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The Bar Sauvage is closing its doors on March 25th, 2023. We'll be delighted to see you next winter!

Find a cosmopolitan spirit in the menu, imagined as a range of Asian and modern flavors, which overturns the codes of the plate and the traditional "starter/main course/dessert". A flexibility of dishes arranged as in a modern izakaya, these Japanese wine bars honoring sharing and informality. Along the counter, where the emphasis is on "live show food", a selection of steamed and grilled dim sum, sea bass tartar with yuzu and yellow pepper, bao with spicy pig confit, beef tenderloin tacos and spicy mayonnaise will be served alongside an ultra-premium selection of sushi and california rolls.

In an intimate and sometimes electrifying atmosphere, Bar Sauvage will offer a precise and refined cocktail menu with a typically Japanese touch: "Geisha Sauvage": an awakening to jubilation around the subtlety of shiso and yuzu, as well as a wide selection of hot and cold sakes, presented by a professional team, reserving a few surprises for its guests...

In-room service is available 24h/24h. Simple or sophisticated dishes are suitable for every desire, throughout the day or the night.